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Welcome to Morgan Adjustable Recoil Pad Co.

Please read the following.  You can also go directly to shopping by clicking a product catagory at left.


New in 2014:  Morgan Curved shoulder pads now have a very subtle surface texture for a nicer appearance.  Also, the adjustment screw holes have been slightly enlarged for easier adjustments and pad changes.

New in 2013:  Our new shoulder pad mold is in production.  The new Curved and Straght shoulder pads are still functionally the same as before, but will be made in the new mold from now on.  In response to customer demand, the new moldings are made of a slightly firmer, less "sticky" rubber compound, and the sharp points of the curved pad have been reduced.  Both of these improvements should reduce the chance that the pad will snag in your clothing.  In addition, the recoil absorbing sponge rubber layer has been improved with a higher quatlity closed-cell rubber material.  Product pictures have been updated; part numbers and pricing remain the same.

This website only ships to customers in the United States and Canada.  Morgan recoil pads are available overseas from Dolphin Gun Company in the United Kingdom.  Please visit their fine website at

Individual parts for your Morgan recoil pad are now available for purchase on the website.  Click on the Replacement Parts catagory button at left.


This is Morgan Adjustable Recoil Pad Company's official website. Shooters have been using our adjustable recoil pads for over half a century! You can purchase the current versions of our pads from many dealers, or right here online, direct from the factory. (Okay, the "factory" is a small workshop beside my log cabin!) Please read this entire page before contacting us with a question, as 99% of the questions we get are already answered below. That said, you can email us at 


Morgan Recoil Pads are available in a "Premium Version" with CNC machined plates in polished aluminum, or an "Economy Version" with economical & light-weight plates in black ABS plastic.

All Morgan Recoil Pads feature the same adjustments: rise (5/8 inch) and drop (3/4 inch) and the amount of recoil absorption. Morgan Pads do not rotate or adjust side to side.

All Morgan Recoil Pads include a Butt Plate that MUST BE TRIMMED TO FIT by the installer, so you should order a Recoil Pad that has a Butt Plate that is larger than your stock. The Butt Plate must be mounted to a FLAT surface. The Butt Plate has two predrilled mounting holes spaced 3.18 inches apart (Premium Version Recoil Pads feature a Butt Plate with a slotted mounting hole for greater flexibility). The mounted Pad will add about 1.25 inches to the length of your stock.

The "Old Version" Morgan Recoil Pads with die-cast aluminum plates are out of production and no longer available.

The replacement shoulder pads, part #4SP or #5SP, will fit any version Morgan Recoil Pad.

Each Recoil Pad is packaged with instructions on mounting and adjusting the pad.

All Morgan products are made with pride in Pennsylvania using American made components.


When using this online store, ALL payments are via PayPal in U.S. dollars. You do NOT need a PayPal account to pay with your credit card via PayPal. You can also mail your order to us (click on "about us") with a check or money order. PA residents must add 6% sales tax. See below for domestic shipping charges. We cannot accept credit card orders via phone or mail.


Domestic:  U.S. Postal Service - All shipments go Priority Mail, except small parts orders which may go First Class or Priority.  Priority shipping is $7.00 for one Recoil Pad.  Orders usually ship within 2 or 3 business days.

International:  Canada only.  All shipments to Canada use USPS First Class or Priority Mail International.  You MUST include a valid email address AND phone number when you order.  Morgan recoil pads are available overseas from Dolphin Gun Company in the United Kingdom.  Please visit their fine website at


When you click the "Pay Now" button from this store's invoice page, you will be taken to the PayPal website. Everything that transpires from here on out is between you and PayPal and out of our control. When you get to the PayPal site, you can enter your PayPal account info in the log-in box. If you don't have a PayPal account, just ignore the log-in box and click the "continue" button by the credit card symbols to pay with your credit card.  Don't forget to hit the "Pay Now" button at the end of the PayPal process.   PayPal should email you a receipt after you complete payment.  We will email you a confirmation within a few days when your order ships.

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